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Circuit Fitness

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About our Circuit Fitness

New to the fitness market but steeped in history, Circuit Fitness is here to bring you value for money home gym equipment. Designed and developed in California, USA, over the last five years, Circuit Fitness is the next level of cardio and strength equipment that you need, quality engineered using the latest technology.


Circuit cardio has been designed to fit right into the technological age with high-quality consoles and machines that track nearly every aspect of your workout. Circuit strength is built to suit and made to last. Reinforced steel and adjustable features means Circuit strength machines progress with you. Bring the gym into your home with Circuit Fitness!


The Circuit Fitness Home Gym range includes:

Exercise Bikes

Circuit Fitness exercise bikes are available as upright, folding and recumbent bikes, perfect for any age range wanting to start losing weight, toning up or maintain their fitness level. Upright bikes are designed for a great cardio workout, recumbent bikes for low-intensity sessions if you are older or in recovery from an operation, to folding bikes, which are perfect for smaller spaces.

Rowing Machines

Target over 80% of your muscles with a Circuit Fitness rowing machine, available as magnetic and water rowers. A rowing machine is great for burning fat, building muscle and increasing your strength and stamina, providing a fantastic full-body workout from the comfort of your home gym.

Weight Benches

Our Circuit Fitness weight benches are a must-have in your home gym if you’re keen to do pressing exercises. Perfect if you want to test strength training but don’t want to fully commit. You can perform a number of exercises, including chest presses, bench presses and rows, as well as using the bench for other moves like step-ups and tricep dips.


Get the right support for your heavy lifts with a power cage. The frames include features such as adjustable spotter bars and a pull-up frame. Every Circuit Fitness cage has a strong, solid construction to withstand heavy usage and seriously big weights.