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  Easy, simple to use range

  Designed for toning, weight loss & general fitness

  Portable, versatile with little space needed

  Beautifully coordinated colours

 Selected by Davina and used in her OwnYourGoals website

 Premium collection with attention to the finer details


Davina Weighted Gloves Colours

With these fabulous weighted gloves, you'll be able to tone your arms in no time through running, shadow boxing or bodyweight training.

The soft neoprene and secure strap feel super comfortable to act as an extension of your arms.


Davina Resistance Band Set Colours

Do you have no space to exercise at home? Perfect! These resistance bands could be exactly what you need! The set includes a band for any fitness level, and did you know? These bands can workout every muscle in your body, they're amazing.


Davina Resistance Band Set Colours

This fabulous dumbbell set from Davina is ideal for toning and training with limited space at home. If you're unsure how to use dumbbells check out Davina's OwnYourGoals workouts to use with this fantastic little set. 


Davina Neoprene Dumbbells Colours

What truly makes these dumbbells fantastic to look at and great to hold is the neoprene covering. Soft on the skin and comfortable to hold, they limit the development of callouses so you can focus on owning your goals!


Davina Kettlebell Colours

Kettlebells are amazing for full-body training! These fantastic cast iron kettlebells are protected with intricately crafted vinyl ensuring they are robust but won't chip your flooring at home.


Davina Yoga Mat Colours

How amazing do these yoga mats look really? The gorgeous pastel-coloured yoga mats and TPE yoga mats are created from eco-friendly material and Davina even has some yoga mats with yoga blocks that are a lifesaver for those hard to reach poses/


Davina Gym Balls Colours

The gym balls come in 65cm diameter to provide a intense core workout


Davina Gym Balls Colours

Love your biking but don't have space? Davina's folding exercise bikes are your saviour! Smooth, silent and simple to use with a nice wide, soft seat to, unlike most bikes.

When you've owned your workout, snap the bike together and store it away until you're ready to get sweaty again.

"All I want in life is to help everyone be healthier and more active (and hopefully enjoy it!)"

Davina Own Your Goals Logo

About our Davina

Davina's goal is to encourage everyone in the UK to be healthier and more active while having fun!

Davina is influenced by you, the Davina community. It is your love, your support that she has been able to get out of bed and workout on days which can be a lot more challenging than others. The temptation of overindulging can be overwhelming, and Davina understands, but this feeling should never stop your exercising journey.

To help break this indulgent cycle, the feeling that you can't do exercise Davina has designed gorgeous, elegant looking yet simple exercising equipment so you can pick it up and go when you want to without constraints.

Davina understands that exercising and working out isn't always a priority and can be pushed down on your to-do list from other super busy tasks. Children and time itself can be big constraints in getting active, but that is why Davina has been working incredibly hard to make your life easier to workout, so working out isn't stopped by these constraints.

Davina said "It all starts with One Choice" and that is why we are very excited to bring you the Davina collection so your choice can start here. Everything in the Davina collection has been designed and built to be simple, sleek, elegant, empowering, ensuring and still guide you whether you through your exercise journey whether you are a beginner or not.

Exercise equipment can be expensive, and Davina 100% understands this, and that is why she has ensured the highest quality product is made for your without those high prices so you can be apart of the fantastic and very support Davina community allowing you to reach your own goal.

The Davina collection has a wide range of equipment available for you so it can satisfy every requirement possible, the collection includes,

- Wrist Weights

- Weighted Gloves

- Ankle Weights

- Resistant Bands

- Vinyl Dumbbells

- Neoprene Dumbbells

- Kettlebells

- Yoga mats

- Foam Rollers

- Gym Balls with pumps

- X-Folding Magnetic Exercise Bike

All this fantastic equipment comes in a beautiful pastel, orange, blue and yellow allowing you to build your own unique Davina exercise collection.