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About our Gaiam Yoga

Yoga is about you, the way you breathe, the way your body posture and helping to improve health. Yoga is about bringing that sense of completeness by harmonising those different aspects of your life into one central space which can be controlled.

Yoga doesn’t have to be expensive and here at we know that it can be difficult to navigate through the large range of Yoga products out there. That is why we are excited to bring you the Yoga range which will help you reach your goals.

Whether your goal is to become healthier, lose weight, improve your breathing or to just bring balance back to your life overall. Yoga is an exercise which is underestimated due to not been an intense sport when compared to boxing and heavy lifting. It is about strengthening your core by using all your muscles to create balance and harmony, a better understanding is been gained around Yoga and the popularity is increasing.

Yoga is about changing your lifestyle for the better not how many limbs you can bend and how long you can hold a position for. It’s going at your pace allowing you to be in full control of the central space you have created. It is through this control you find that balance in your life and bring that out through your natural beauty and happiness.

What makes Yoga so great is the fact the equipment is light, durable and flexible for anyone, who lives a busy life style and wants to stop and slow everything down. To kick-start your Yoga experience all you will need is a Yoga Mat, Bag, Block (if you struggle with some of the Yoga positions) and most importantly a water bottle, to ensure you are staying hydrated through your yoga session.

You may think Yoga is for those people who are purely one with nature and are natural experts, but Yoga is for everyone young or old, male or female.  It is a sport which is not determined by any demographics, that’s why at are able to bring you a yoga range which can bring the whole family together.