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About our Vulcan

Designed and developed as an alternative to Everlast, Vulcan is a Puretec Ltd own brand that was started over ten years ago to bring customers high-quality boxing equipment using AV technology but at an affordable price.


Our Vulcan equipment is designed and developed right here in Britain before being sent off for manufacturing. Unlike other boxing brands, Vulcan boxing equipment has been designed to be fun and affordable but still high-quality, leaving you with confidence that you don’t have to hold back during your training.


And the icing on the cake? Vulcan boxing is available in Delta Blue, Fire Red, Hammer Gold and Power Pink. By bringing a bit of colour to your home gym, you will enjoy training that little bit more.


Boxing is an incredibly versatile form of exercise perfect for weight loss, building stamina, reducing stress and much more. Whatever your goal, boxing is the ultimate choice and the Vulcan range is a great choice for your boxing routine. It is one of the most effective forms of cardiovascular exercises with a whole host of benefits, including weight loss, fitness and mental wellbeing.


The Vulcan boxing range includes:

Boxing Gloves

Your Vulcan boxing gloves are your most important piece of boxing equipment. They are designed protect your hands when you repeatedly beat a heavy bag or pads. Our lightweight gloves are comfortable, durable, well-fitting and brightly coloured to match the rest of your equipment.

Punch Bags

Choose a Vulcan punch bag, all of which are crafted to stand the test of time. Heavy bags will help you to build powerful punches, improve your hand-eye coordination and increase your stamina in your favourite colour.

Jab Pads

Jab pads are perfect for training with someone else and will help you improve accuracy, timing and speed. Our Vulcan jab pads are also great for refining your combinations and keeping your training fun.

Hand Wraps

Vulcan hand wraps will protect your fingers, knuckles and wrists from injury when you repeatedly throw punches. They will also help to extend the lifespan of your boxing gloves by keeping them clean and dry. Grab them in the same colour or try different ones!