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Circuit Fitness AMZ-600CGKIT Power Cage and Foldable Utility Bench

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Circuit Fitness AMZ-600CGKIT Power Cage and Foldable Utility Weight Bench Key Features:

  • All-in-one machine - Power Cage & Squat Rack up to 136 kg
  • 19 height adjustable Safety Catches and Bar Catches
  • Large workout space with Multi-grip Pullups Bar
  • 14-gauge steel frames and anti-chip and rust finish
  • Foldable Dumbbell Bench with wheels for easy storage
  • Backrest adjusts to 1 decline, 1 flat and 4 incline angles
  • Feet Anchor 3 positions hold your legs for Abs and more
  • Warranty: lifetime frame, 3-yrs. Parts, 1-yr. upholstery

Want to see a video of the AMZ-600CGKIT? Please watch the AMZ-600CGKIT cage and  the AMZ-600CGKIT bench in action.

Never miss a workout again with the Circuit Fitness AMZ-600CGKIT Power Cage and Foldable Utility Weight Bench. Forget expensive gym membership fees and engage in fat-burning training and develop a bulkier physique. You are investing in this high-performing equipment comprising a walk-in Power Cage and a Dumbbell Bench, turning any space in your home into a professional gym.

The Circuit Fitness Circuit Fitness AMZ-600CGKIT Power Cage and Foldable Utility Weight Bench have a 14-gauge steel framework that can withstand repeated heavy use. A durable steelwork designed for safe and more efficient bodybuilding, it's also designed with a powder-coating finish that reduces the chance of chipping and rusting, making it a valuable investment built to last! The cage can support a user or a loaded 7-ft barbell weighing 136 kg in any of its workout's stations. And the Adjustable Utility Weight Bench is certified for a maximum load of 160 kg, giving you plenty of room to rack up a more muscular body and achieve a stronger physique. In addition, the bench comes with convenient wheels that generate ease of transport, and it's partnered with a foldable structure for easy storage. It allows you to move the equipment in or out of the cage without lifting it when not in use so that it won't take up too much space in your home gym. The Circuit Fitness Circuit Fitness AMZ-600CGKIT Power Cage and Foldable Utility Weight Bench bring a wide variety of gym exercises to your home gym. This kit will allow you to work your way to a healthier body and lifestyle. You can use them separately or in conjunction.

The walk-in Power Cage is a multifunctional fitness gear.

  • You can start with the Cross Bar near the bottom of the power cage, it's part of the structure, but you can ideally use it for inclined push-ups to target your upper chest muscles. The multi-grip Pull-up Bar at the top of the cage will help you work out a wide variety of upper body muscles and the core muscles and the lower muscles in a lower proportion. It is furnished with knurled grips to ensure a thorough grip during your pullups and chin-ups at more than 7-ft above the ground. The exercises may seem similar but activate slightly different muscles than one another, developing both the chest and the back while building shoulder strength. There are more ways to use the bar; get a lower body and this 6-pack abdomen workout from your pullup bar by doing chin-ups knee raises. Once you've mastered the leg raise, you can always increase the intensity by safely adding weights to your ankles. The cage's spacious open area is 114 cm wide and enables you to perform swift and significant movements, letting you enjoy maximised mobility as you exercise. Clear away anything in the cage, and you'll have enough room for kipping pullups and kipping muscle-up. A kipping pullup is when you use a leg swing and hip snap to propel the body upward, helping you get your chin over the bar; decreasing drastically the force production required from the arms to get up to the bar. A kipping muscle-up begins with a tight kip, swinging the body back and forth via active shoulders; on the third swing, the shoulder is aggressively closed to bring the hands and hips toward each other while the hollow-body position is maintained. You don't have to switch between workout stations; this gym system combines different strength-building machines, giving you everything you need for a full-body workout!
  • Use your cage for barbell exercises. The Safety Bars Catches and Barbell Catches can support a load of 136 kg and adjust to 19 different heights with increments of 8.25 cm/3.25 inches, between 33 cm above the ground to 182 cm high, suit all your barbell workout needs. The cage offers endless barbell workout options, depending on where you position the bar catches to start and end your barbell exercise; the 19-height positions are available along the uprights at the back and the front of the cage. The extended safety catches span the entire cage, connecting upright frames on each side. Adjust them to your desired height, always at a lower level than the barbell catches, to hold the barbell (sold separately) in case of emergency, acting as your spotter when your workout buddy isn't available. That's why the cage is perfect for squats or lunges, for example, within the protective space of the cage. You won't have any excuse for skipping leg days, as squats and lunges add some muscle to your lower body. Use your cage as a Power Rack in general. Place the bar catches at the front of the unit when you are not inside the cage to complete curls, or focus on your shoulders with upright barbell rows, or for overhead raises, especially if you are a very tall person. Always position the safety bar catches in a lower position than the barbell catches, even when training outside the cage; the parts that stick out are more extended than the bar hooks and would grab the bar in case of unwanted miss when setting down the weight.

The Adjustable Utility Weight Bench opens a wide array of workouts.

  • You can use it on its own, as a utility bench, an abdominal bench, or a dumbbell bench. It features an intelligent design mechanised by a back pad that adjusts to 6 different angles, including 1 fully declined, 1 flat and 4 incline angles, and by leg anchors at the front of the unit that adjusts to 3 different heights to hold down your legs ensuring safe operation. They allow you to work out the correct muscles during each workout and perform various exercises to strengthen your core and upper and lower body. Set the backrest on a flat or decline position and take advantage of these adjustable leg anchors when doing abdominal exercises. For dedicated biceps workouts using dumbbells or weights, you can efficiently perform strength training without the need to stand. Sitting during your dumbbell curls helps you focus on your curls exercises. Several exercises are possible, such as Reverse Flyes, dumbbell press, military presses for your shoulders and More. The best backrest angle for the incline dumbbell press here is the 37° Incline angle to target the pectorals efficiently, while a higher grade, such as the 53° or the 78° incline angle, will hit more of your shoulders. You will experience comfortable training with this upholstery made with high-density foam that's structured to support your back while performing exercises.

Although the bench is a dumbbell bench, you can use the bench with the cage.

  • You might want to use more weight with a barbell but remember the total capacity of the weight bench is 160 kg; so, if you weigh 80 kg / 175 lbs, then you will be able to hold another 80 kg weight with total safety, which for many users is more than enough. The leg anchor lets you customise your leg position; or detach if you don't need to use it, so you won't have any hindrances when exercising. Add Bench Presses to your daily routine after adding the Circuit Fitness AMZ-600CGKIT Power Cage with Foldable Utility Weight Bench to your home gym. The best angle here for the incline bench press is the 21°-degree incline angle. And you can complete your full chest workout by doing flat and decline presses. The best tip for decline bench press is around -15 degrees (here, -18 degrees). This angle places your upper body downward, which activates the lower pectoral muscles as you push weights away from your body. Both upper and lower pectoral fibres are engaged during decline press (-18-degree angle), while only upper-pec muscle fibres are engaged during incline press (+27- degree angle). That's why incline chest presses will allow you to target the upper chest better. When decline bench presses can help your pecs look more defined. Set the bench to various degrees depending on how you want to sculpture your chest. Remember, the barbell catches allow you to start and end your exercise. At the same time, the sturdy safety bars are securely attached to the cage and can be set up at the correct height to ensure your safety without needing a spotter.

The Circuit Fitness AMZ-600CGKIT Power Cage and Foldable Utility Weight Bench has several training stations and is the perfect pair to add to your favourite workout spot. The Folding Dumbbell Bench easily folds for storage and is designed with built-in wheels that provide ease of transport whenever and wherever necessary.

New to the fitness market but steeped in history, Circuit Fitness is here to bring you value for money home gym equipment. Designed and developed in California, USA, over the last five years, Circuit Fitness is the next level of cardio and strength equipment that you need, quality engineered using the latest technology. Train like a pro, burn calories, lose weight, and build muscles right in the comfort of your home with the Circuit Fitness walk-in Circuit Fitness AMZ-600CGKIT Power Cage and Foldable Utility Weight Bench. With this assortment of equipment, you can conveniently perform strength or cardio training or a weightlifting program and effectively target the development of specific muscle groups and score a fitter and healthier body in record time.

More Information
Designed ForIndoor Use
Self Assembly TimeYes (2-3 Hours)
Self AssemblyFully
BrandCircuit Fitness
Product CodeAMZ-600CGKIT
Boxed DimensionsL. 208 cm x W. 87.5 cm x H. 32.5 cm
Box 1 Weight50 kg
Box 1 DimensionsL. 208 x W. 49 x H. 19 cm
Box 2 Weight16.5 kg
Box 2 DimensionsL. 128 cm W. x 38.5 cm x H. 13.5 cm
Exercise TypeStrength
GoalBuild Muscle
Target MusclesFull Body
SafetyCE Certified & EN957 Approved
Exercise StationPull Up Bar, Shoulder Press, Free Weight Pegs, Abdominal, Bench Press, Flat bench, Decline press, Chin-ups, Squats
Bench IncludedYes
Barbell Compatibility7ft
Maximum Load on Rack135kg / 300lbs
Seat AdjustmentFixed
Backpad Adjustments Number of Angles6
Upholstery2 inches thick
Framework14-Gauge Thick Solid Steel
External FinishingPowder Coated
WarrantyLifetime for Frame, 3-years for Parts, 1-year on Upholstery

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