Exercise Bike Buying Guide and Benefits
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Exercise Bikes

Exercise Bikes are a great, simple, cost effective way to get a highly effective cardio workout. These versatile fitness machines are still extremely popular mainly due to the wide range of health benefits they offer. Cycling is a very low impact form of exercise so it doesn't put any pressure or strain on your knees, hips or ankles which makes bikes an attractive option for rehabilitation purposes, the elderly and anyone who suffers from joint or ligament problems. They are also truly effective for any body looking to increase general fitness levels, lose weight or tone up, with it been a weight bearing exercise it also helps to strengthen bones and keeps your joints, tendons and ligaments flexible. Regular exercise on a bike has also been proven to help increase your lung capacity and metabolism (burn fat at a quicker rate) and decrease the risk of osteoporosis, high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes. Reading through this guide should give you a good perspective of the components of a bike and what you should expect to buy for your hard earned cash, so let's gets to it.

There are three different styles of exercise bikes available to choose from, upright bikes, recumbents and indoor club cycles. The upright bike is probably the most popular where you can get the most value for money, they follow a conventional form and normally feature multiple resistance levels, workout programmes and are quite versatile. Recumbents are generally much more expensive, they provide superb lumbar support for anyone who suffers from back problems and are positioned more horizontally in comparison to others, you get the same quality and range of feature as uprights but you have to pay much more to get it. Finally there are the indoor cycles, these offer a more intense workout than the other two, the features a quite basic but the quality is outstanding, they better simulate the feel of road biking for a more realistic experience. These are designed more for the avid fitness enthusiast.

All of the machines that we have available operate from a magnetic flywheel system, now in general you can identify the quality, smoothness and how quiet a bike will feel from the weight of the flywheel, the heavier the weight of the flywheel the better the machine, mostly. We always advise that you should look for at least 5kg upwards that way you can be sure to get a fluid, quiet feel and avoid any juddering or jerkiness with every rotation.

Our upright and recumbent machines all operate from a magnetic braking system which is essential to guarantee a good standard of quality, this frictionless function operates via a large magnet running parallel alongside the flywheel, as the magnet draws closer the resistance increases, as it moves further away it decreases. This simple yet efficient design ensures the cycles operate smoothly whilst making minimal sound so you can watch TV or listen to music as you exercise.

If your looking to spend at least £200.00 on an upright bike or £400.00 on a recumbent then expect a multitude of features from the console display, multiple resistance levels and several workout programmes will keep you motivated and improve your fitness over time. User input information is now featured on many machines that give you more accurate readings to align with your height, weight and age. We advise that you make good use of the console feature, increase your resistance if it feels to easy, jump on a workout programme if your getting bored of the same routine to make it more interesting, these simple amendments will all stimulate weight loss and tone your lower muscle groups.

If several people are going to be using the cycle then keep a close eye out for the extent of the seat pad adjustment, most bikes will have at least 5-6 height adjustments however most of ours over £200.00 can be adjusted horizontally and vertically to accommodate for all heights normally ranging from 5ft up to in excess of 6ft. Also take a look at the quality of the pedals, good pedals keep your feet firmly secured and all good bikes have adjustable pedal straps to guarantee this.

Make sure to see if the machine looks durable, well made and features thick steel framework for the most part, when your cycling you want to feel safe and secure on the fitness equipment that your using. If you take a look at the maximum user weight capacity this should give you a great indication of how stable the machine is, if it can hold a good 120kg or more then you're onto a winner.

All of the fitness equipment that we sell are from well established high street brands that place great warranties onto their products, all of our machines have a minimum 1 year guarantee but most have much more. Always look for a good after sales warranty that covers the parts and labour to ensure that if a problem does arise it can be resolved quickly and efficiently by a professional.

We hope that this guide has given you a good concept of how to pick the perfect product for you and to get the most machine for your money however if you do any further help or advice at all please feel free to call us on 0845 459 4500 or email sales@exercise.co.uk, you can view our full range below:


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