When it comes down to toning up, weight training, weight loss or even just general fitness, abs are usually something to aim towards at some point in your training. They are a by-product of most training goals, and they’re often a sign of you being in good shape with low body fat. That’s all well and good. As far as ab exercises go, you have one of the biggest exercise ranges available. One way to change things up a little is by looking at ab exercises with a resistance band.

It might not have even crossed your mind but using a resistance band in your abdominal training is a great way to give yourself a little extra push in the right direction. The work is harder, but the results are more prominent. Finding ab exercises that work well with a resistance band may be a little tricky, but we’re here to tell you about some of our favourites! To do them, all you need is an anchor point. Door anchors or heavy objects are the best way to do it; just make sure they’re secure.

Mountain Climbers

First up, we have mountain climbers, which are an excellent ab exercise! The addition of a resistance band makes things even better. With a resistance band firmly secured behind you, place your feet in the band so it is hooked around them. Raise one leg at a time until your knee is at your chest, return and then alternate. Your lower abs won’t know what hit them.


Keeping with your lower abs, and while you have the resistance band secured to a lowish anchor point, another great addition to your ab range is to perform knee tucks. This time you need to lie on your back. With your feet anchoring the band, bring both knees in this time, as high as you can, hold and return back down again. Using both legs at the same time means you need to balance yourself more too, so your core will feel the benefit to this exercise in general.


Your obliques are another vital part of your abdominal muscles, so it’s always a good idea to make sure you’re giving them their own exercise too and not just relying on them for stability. Wood chops work, but twists are awesome on their own. Anchor the band to your side and simply rotate your torso to move the resistance band with you.


woman performing a plank with a resistance band

Building up strength in your core is just as vital as building up your muscle size. The plank with a resistance band is a truly challenging way to do it, but its effectiveness is unquestionable. Using isometric exercise is always a useful way to build strength, and that’s exactly what we’re doing there. Side planking works best with the band trying to pull you back facing down but feel free to experiment.


The final of our ab exercises with a resistance band is the crunch. It’s one of the best upper ab builders, and it deserves its reputation. With the resistance band anchored behind you, lie flat on your back, hold the band in your hands and contract your abs. Your shoulders should be off the floor, but everything below them still in contact. Hold the position for a second or two for a harder contraction and better results. This is a challenging exercise!

All of these exercises are good at what they do. They hit your whole ab range, so doing them all together is a good call. Make sure you’re hitting every area of your core for the best possible results and eat right if you want to gain real ab definition! Your core is vital for so many other exercises, so give it the attention it deserves!

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