Home gym equipment is amazing for what it offers you. The entire premise is to provide you with a piece of equipment that is suited perfectly to you and your specific needs. Commercial gyms are made to suit everyone's personal needs, and there's a big difference. Especially when it comes to building muscle.

Home gym equipment is extremely varied in what it has to offer. Depending on your own personal goals, there are a lot of different options that you can take. All of them will help you to build muscle in the long run. How effectively it happens is where it differs from person to person.

The best thing you can do before you try to build up muscle from home is to realise what it is you need to be doing. A set of dumbbells, for example, are a great place to start but might not be enough to take you all the way.

Even on top of the equipment that you’re using, you need to know which exercises are going to be the best suited to what it is that you're striving to achieve. For seriously building muscle at home, you're going to need to be getting the perfect thing for you.


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As we’ve said, dumbbells, for example, are one of the most commonly used pieces of gym equipment. They are awesome for what they offer you, of course, and they're so variable. Where they might be lacking, however, is with specific exercises. Your back, for example, is one of the hardest to reach, and that's where things differ.

You need a range of different weighted equipment in order to do different things too. That much is a dead cert. You can't bicep curl what you can deadlift, for example, so you need to choose your equipment wisely. Space is a factor too, so keep that in mind.

With that being said, if you're trying to build some muscle without bulking up, then you may go the complete opposite route and get resistance bands. They're totally different, and you really need to put some thought into it to reach the standard of muscle building you want.


So outside of some of the fundamentals of building muscle from home, it’s time to look at some of the more heavy hitting equipment. Your home gym needs to accommodate your needs if it’s going to work after all.

A weight bench and a barbell, for example, are both awesome ways for you to do pretty much any muscle in your body in some way or another, and that's awesome. If you have space, they're an excellent tool for you to have. They make you do compound exercises that use a range of different muscles, and that’s great for building muscle effectively.

Other pieces of equipment though, like multigyms, for example, go a step further. They really do change the game, and they offer something for everything. Hence the name. They build multiple muscles using multiple pieces of equipment.


On top of all of these different kinds of muscle building, you have more equipment choices too, and these are for support more than muscle building. What the support offers you though is a safe and secure way to make some seriously big progress. Muscle building is a tough game to master, but with supports, it’s a lot easier.

The most common method of support is from equipment like power racks and smith machines. These two titans of your training mean that you can do extremely heavy lifts like squats, deadlifts and bench presses, which are the best of the best, and be safe while you’re doing them. Usually, you’d need a spotter for the bigger weights. Once you have these, you can really work on your strengths and on your weaknesses to get the best overall results that you can.

Fundamentals of Building Muscle

Overall, muscle building can be done anywhere, and your home is no exception. Get the right equipment for exactly what you need, and you’re on your way. Ultimately, you need to be eating right and training hard, and you’ll see the muscle build that you’re looking for. A small calorie surplus to what you need daily combined with weight training is the principle of the matter. Just make sure you keep upping the weight and changing things up!

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