We're standing against 'Get Fit For Summer'. Instead, we are campaigning for #FitForYou. Read on to discover why!

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#FitForYou, Not Summer

We've all done it; a glimmer of sunshine falls on our skin, and we think 'I need to start getting fit for summer'. And the fitness industry knows this. Every year companies use marketing to prey on your short term fitness goals to "help you reach your summer fitness goals". And this is all fine, right? Wrong!

If we truly have the interest of your health and wellbeing in mind, we shouldn't be encouraging short term exercise binging! We should be advocating continuous and sustainable, long term exercise that fits neatly into your lifestyle in a convenient way.

This embodies everything we stand for, and this year we want to create a movement to ditch the dated fitness industry techniques and fuel a mentality of #fitforyou, not for summer.

Why Not To Just Get Fit For Summer

woman outside tired from running #fitforyou

The problem with a goal like 'I want to lose weight in 30 days' is that it propels insanely intense, unsustainable exercise. You smash it all into a concentrated period of time with the best intention of reaching your target. Once it's gone, it's likely you'll never want to use a piece of exercise equipment ever again.

The same issue is prevalent with your nutrition too. Crash course diets present the illusion and temptation of health and quick access to your goals. Short term diets are again unsustainable, don't leave you feeling fulfilled and energised and can actually have negative health consequences.

This can leave you feeling pretty sick of the concept of a healthier lifestyle before it's really had a chance to take off! So when you stop, and because of the extremities of 'all or nothing,' you unravel all your hard work in a quarter of the time it took to get there.

Why Do You Want To Get Fit For Summer?

two people doing side push ups #fitforyou

Do you possibly want to look anything like these two above? Or are you concerned you won't feel comfortable on the beach as you are?

There's nothing wrong with looking like these models (who we've grabbed from Shutterstock). It takes real dedication, consistency and commitment to get in shape like this. But on the flip side, nobody should be led to believe they have to look a certain way to be beautiful or attractive.

We're all for everyone exercising and keeping active! However, you shouldn't feel you have to look a certain way to go to the beach or feel comfortable in what you're wearing. You shouldn't set a goal for the summer because that's what the fitness industry has made you believe you should look like.

If you're making a decision to exercise, do it on your terms and for the right reasons. Do it because you want to feel good for yourself, not for others. Exercise is as much about (if not more) what it does for your health on the inside than how you look outside.

How To Get Fit For Life

two older people walking outside #fitforyou

So what is #fitforyou? Quite as it sounds, it's exercise that seamlessly fits around your lifestyle with the intention of committing to it for life.

#FitForYou is doing less exercise than you would on a crash course challenge, but doing it consistently over time so you form healthy habits. The key with exercise is consistency and persistence. If you can be patient with your results, you will achieve them over time, and once you do you can happily maintain them. Then when summer comes around, you don't have to worry about hardcore exercise fads. You're already in a place you're happy with all year round.

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