The cross-trainer is a proven, effective piece of cardio machinery. It’s in earned its place in almost every gym, and your home gym would gladly welcome it too. But, how good is it for fat loss? All cardio exercises give a reasonable standard of fat loss, that’s a given, but the cross trainer adds something different to the mix.

There are a few different points to consider before you can give yourself a good solid answer, and we'll go through them below. When it comes to fat loss in any exercise, the variables are always changing, so what is it makes the cross trainer so different?


Woman using a cross trainer in a gym

The cross trainer allows you to work out your own way. The idea of a cross trainer is that it's best used as a piece of cardiovascular equipment to get you performing the same exercise over a long time to burn fat. That's absolutely fine. Cardio exercise is a great way to get the blood pumping and to keep you in good physical condition for the long haul! You’ll burn fat at a consistent rate every time you use it, what more could you want?


HIIT exercise, on the other hand, is a real game changer. High-Intensity Interval Training is the same type of exercise using the same equipment, but with better results in less time. That's HIIT in a nutshell. It's the best way to exercise for fat loss from just one type of exercise, and it's even better on a cross trainer. Using the HIIT method of working at full speed for a short time, before resting and repeating for the whole workout instead of a constant steady state, you're working your body way harder than you would with cardio. It pays off too, the fat burn reflects it pretty clearly!


Another huge benefit of the cross trainer as well as it being a whole-body exercise is that it has a variable resistance. Of course, all cardio equipment does, but the cross trainer owns it. As you change your resistance, no matter if you're doing cardio or HIIT exercises, you can feel the benefit and burn more fat than you would do by sticking to one single resistance. Changing it up gives you the option to mix up your workouts and burn fat in different ways, even from different places!

Calorie deficit

Man and woman exercising on cross trainers

Doing more exercise, more often is what you need to burn fat in the long run. You need to be creating a calorie deficit daily so that you are burning your stored energy rather than simply storing more or burning just what you've consumed that day. Diet is crucial of course, but make sure you're watching your calorie burn rate to keep your fat loss optimum and don't go too fast. You need a slight deficit, not starvation, otherwise, you'll go into survival mode, and your fat loss will slow down massively. Find the balance that works for you.

Frequency and Diet overall

So, back to the question at hand. The cross trainer is a fantastic way to work your upper and your lower body at the same time, which is rare. This gives you a whole new way to burn fat more than a lot of other exercises would allow you, and from all over your body including your abdomen. You just need to make sure you’re training in the right way, for the right amount of time, the right amount of times a week. Don’t over or under do it, and you will burn fat. Just make sure your diet isn’t just putting it back again!

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