Mindfulness is not about getting you to sleep – it's about awakening your senses to what’s happening here and now and being able to reach your potential.

Mindfulness is a mental health and wellbeing exercise that you can practice anywhere and at any time, however old you are.

Here’s a technique called Focus10,  which can be adapted to suit your individual needs!

I see lots of people when they are working out listening to upbeat music through their earphones. The benefit of this is? Some people say that Listening to music while exercising doesn't just relieve boredom — it can help improve the quality of your workout by increasing your stamina and putting you in a better mood. Listing to a mindfulness audio may give an even better outcome! Try a mindfulness audio during your next workout at the gym or your next walk, run or swim, listen to a mindfulness exercise and see if your performance improves – bet it does.

Why bother with mindfulness?

Being mindful during exercise can relieve stress, make you feel good and even make your workouts better. This is because of the benefits of mindfulness;

  • Mindfulness helps you enjoy life more and understand yourself better


  • Mindfulness gives you time to focus


  • Mindfulness gives you time to maintaining a

moment-by-moment awareness of your thoughts


  • Mindfulness gives you time to be continuously present with the experience


Sports people do, do mindfulness!

Olympic rings

Meditating their way to medals! Did mindfulness help Team GB win their most successful haul ever? (2016)

  • Team GB athletes used mindfulness to enhance their training
  • Tom Daley spoke out about using mindfulness ahead of the Rio games
  • Athletes looking for marginal gains say being mindful helped them focus
  • Laura Trott, Britain's most decorated female athlete, said being mindful helped focus her thoughts on the track during the Olympics


Mindfulness has been scientifically proven numerous times to alter brain chemistry in those who practice regularly!

Within mindfulness imagery (picturing things in your mind) is sometimes used – it’s important that you’re not put off by this – if you find it hard to imagine pictures or someone who is struggling at the moment with too much confusion going on in your mind – don’t worry. The most important aspect of mindfulness is breathing correctly (yes there is even a wrong way to breathe!)


For more information about mindfulness, visit inspireignite.co.uk 

See what it can do for you!

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