Multi gyms are up there with the best home gym equipment money can buy. They do just about everything, and for what they have to offer you, they're hard to rival, especially for safety and value for money though. To get the best out of the mighty multi gym, however,n you need to get the right one. that's the hard part. Don’t worry though, they come in all shapes and sizes to cater to anyone, and still deliver a full-body workout without dominating too much space. (Phew!)

We're here to walk you through 3 of the best multi gyms you can find at so that you don't have to do the leg work, and we'll tell you everything you need to know before you take the plunge.





Marcy Eclipse HG3000 Compact Home Gym


The best multigym for starters on a minimal budget

The Marcy Eclipse HG300 compact Home multi gym is perfect for someone unsure whether a home gym can satisfy their needs or not. With its compact design yet robust and durable feel, it’s hard not to give it a place in the best multi gyms list.

It’s equipped with a 68Kg solid vinyl weight stack to help build muscle from the get-go, and still gives you ample room to keep progressing. It really understands its purpose of guiding someone around the multi gym and the exercises which can be performed on it, and that’s invaluable in itself. (Plus there are exercise pictures printed on the back to allow reference and guidance when required).

The HG3000 has a self-assembly time of around 5 - 6 hours which is the shortest assembly time on this list, but hey! Think, once assembled, you will never have to share your gym with anyone else again.

The multi gym is perfect for targeting the full body to build muscle. It has an adjustable height preacher arm curl to target your biceps, a chest press & pec dec for your chest, leg curl features, and a high/low cable system that can take different gym attachments to hit everything in between (which are all included!). The list of features for this machine would become a very, very, long list and a lot of reading, so we’d recommend jumping over to the Marcy Eclipse HG3000 page and checking out this perfect starter home multi gym and see why it's one of the best things to come out of 2019.




Marcy Eclipse HG5000 Deluxe Home Multi Gym

The best multi gym for someone looking at the intermediate level:

The Marcy Eclipse HG5000 Deluxe Home Multigym, where to start with this awesome piece of kit…

With a whopping 90Kg solid weight stack, you should never be short of weight! On top of that, and to really make the most of all that weight and really give you a full-body workout, it comes jam-packed full of kit too.

An adjustable arm press can target every angle of your chest and convert into a shoulder press too. Equipped with a unique middle, you can focus on some weighted ab crunches on your core, while the high/low cable systems can be used with any gym attachment (included) for endless exercise options. Its sleeves are unique free motion pec dec arms for carving our chest definition too. The lost goes on... You can start to see why this machine is perfect for someone at the intermediate stage of their workout sessions as soon as you set eyes on it.

The maximum user weight of this multigym is 21.5 stone and the assembly time of 7- 8 hours, which sounds terrible but is clearly guided through to break things down and simplify the process.

The multi gym’s aim is to build muscle throughout the whole body in a safe and controlled manner, and the Marcy HG5000 knows this.




Marcy GS99 Dual Stack Home Multi Gym


The best multigym for someone wanting that intense workout session

Last but nowhere near least of our best multi gyms of 2019, the GS99. The Marcy GS99 Dual Stack Home Multi Gym has got space and size in mind. The two seats mean not only do you have a huge range of equipment, but you can train with a partner too. This also links in with its distinctive corner design to reduce the floor space it takes up. It's just an all-round awesome design.

The assembly time is around 9 – 10 hours, but hey, the Marcy GS99 multi gym is designed to have 2 people so why not invite your friend over and begin the exercise from the get-go! Who knows, that assembly time could even be halved with the right help.

Targeting the full body to build muscle, this fantastic home gym is capable of doing it through its independent leg press, which has 145KG resistance, high pulley and independent chest press coupled with a height-adjustable arm curl and with the added bonus of including all the gym attachments for the use of high and low pulleys. How could you say no to this beautiful machine?


Fancy one for yourself?

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