Weight Benches; they’re vital for any great workout. Correctly used, they can work every muscle in your body. The only issue with weight benches is figuring out which is the best. That applies to beginners looking for their first bench, and even experienced lifters looking for an upgrade too.

We’ve put together this awesome guide talking through our 5 favourites of 2019 to help see which the right fit for your future workouts is so that you don’t have to!

Take a look:

The Best Cheap Bench for Starters Short on Space







The Marcy Pro Easy Build Adjustable weight bench is a compact and robust little bench. With a versatile range of features, it’s perfect for throwing together with a pair of dumbbells. If you’re super keen to set up a home gym and don’t want to break the bank in the process, it’s a fantastic way to get the ball rolling.

The weight bench best targets the upper part of the body, with its adjustable 5-position backrest along with adjustable leg locks, making it perfect for someone who has begun investing their time and energy into fitness and exercise. The Marcy Pro has a unique design which is sleek, and yet provides superior comfort and support when working through upper body muscles. (The maximum user weight is 158Kg).

The Marcy Pro is already 90% assembled (because who actually enjoys putting things together?), so when it does arrive at home, it only takes 10 minutes to assemble before you can get hands-on with it. What is unique about this weight bench is the guidance it provides to help you learn the ins and outs of a weight bench, perfect if you’re not too familiar with them.







The Marcy Eclipse BE1000 starter weight is the weight bench which bridges the gap between the starter and the intermediate benches. What makes the Marcy Eclipse such an amazing bench is that it completely understands whether you are familiar with a weight bench or not. If you require guidance, the bench provides you with the support you need; otherwise, it trusts you to take your exercise routine to the next level.

With thicker frames for heavier weight loads, a wider rack for better hand placement and leg curl extension, this weight bench is excellent for someone familiar with weight benches and are ready to navigate into deeper waters. The maximum weight the bench can take is 135kg and load capacity of 270Kg.

The Marcy Eclipse is again the weight bench to train those upper body muscles, but with the addition of the leg extension, it provides the means of training those quadriceps and hamstrings too. The seat is fixed while the back pad (backrest) has 4 adjustable positions providing the user with guidance, yet the flexibility of learning and using the leg curl extension.  The Marcy Eclipse is self-assembled taking roughly 1 – 2 hours to fully assemble, but when completed you will not be disappointed with choosing this bench.


The best weight bench for someone wanting to get to the intermediate level







The Steelbody STB-10105 deluxe adjustable weight bench is a mouthful of a title, but the features compacted into it make this the best weight bench of its range. It targets the upper body muscles specifically well, and can provide this through the weight distribution system which is built under the back pad.

What really makes this bench shine in this list is its sturdiness. This has been the focal point of this weight bench capable of supporting a maximum user of 135Kg and a load capacity of 227Kg. What really pushes it to be one of the best weight benches is its 5 seat adjustments capabilities along with 6 back pad adjustments. Its 2.5-inch super thick padding and weight distribution system give it a sleek look and incredible support and comfort too. They’re more important than you might think.

While this bench could be the definition of sturdy, movability has also been kept in mind. Its handle on the front and wheels provide you with the means of being in full control of where it should be in your home. That means it’s as practical as it is solid.






Are you wanting to move into a more intense workout but limited for space at home? Well the Marcy MWB-50100 folding mid -width bench with Rack may be just the thing you need. This incredible bench can be folded when required to provide that extra space when needed.

What really puts this weight bench in the best of 2019 list is the Tough fold design which has 2 large carefully placed pins allowing that compact feature to be possible. Apart from the fantastic ability to fold away, it is also compatible with a minimum 6ft barbell and has a maximum user weight of 135Kg and load capacity of 135kg. The seat is fixed, but this is made up from the back pad which has 4 adjustable positions to hit every angle of your chest, leg extension and preacher arm curl attachments to diversify the exercise range to focus on your arms and legs too. Comfort has been brought to the forefront with thick padding, which provides outstanding support and comfort.


The best weight bench for advanced individuals






The Marcy Pro PM44000 Leverage Home Multi Gym is the ultimate weight bench just because of the raw, pure power which is contained within. Before you start wondering how this home gym ended up on the list, let us break this incredible equipment down for you.

While all the other weight benches have focused on the upper part of the body, this weight bench design focus has been on training the whole body. With a maximum user weight of 158kg / 350lbs / 25 Stone and a massive load capacity of 226kg / 500lbs, it shows the power which this weigh bench holds.

Because of this power, self-assembling can take between 3 – 4 hours, but the results are amazing! With a 4-Angle seat adjustment and 10 back pad adjustment positions and the frame of the weight bench, it’s built to be ready for a serious workout.

The highlight of this bench which makes it one of the best workout benches is its capacity of holding 226Kg of weight, but it does so easily safely. The leverage design allows you to really push your limits without compromising training in safety. You can push your muscles to hypertrophy without a spotter to maximise your gains. All in all, it’s incredible.


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