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Multi Gyms

Multi Gyms provide a safe and secure way to weight train at home without needing someone to assist you, even the most conventional forms can exercise all of your major upper and lower muscle groups. They operate through a simple cable and pulley system that connects all of the workout stations to one solid weight stack at the back of the gym so in the event that the weight becomes to heavy to lift you can just release your grip and let the weight stack drop back into place. The range of machines that we have available vary considerably in price, our starter gyms begin at about £200.00 and from there the price increases so that you get heavier weight stacks and more exercise options to accommodate for the intermediate and advanced weight lifters. Throughout this guide we will breakdown the main features of the home gym and how to find the ideal machine to fit your requirements.

To start with you need to think what your goals are and what you want to achieve from this gym that way you can hand pick what features are necessary and disregard any unnecessary ones to help save you money. The size of the weight stack is always a good place to start, the quick and convenient weight adjustment is one of the multi gyms best attributes, a simple locking pin can be removed and selected into any weight plate taking mere seconds to change the weight. Many manufacturers advertise the weight of the stack and then the weight with resistance added on top as well, all this means is that the cable system generates a certain amount of friction through the gym as you exercise so for example if you were to chest press 50kg, the gym may generate an additional 15kg of resistance so that it really feels more like 65kg. So if your looking to just start up weight training then a good 45 – 50kg weight stack with up to 70kg resistance gives you plenty of room to increase the weight as your strength increases, more advanced lifters will be advised to purchase a gym with a larger weight range so they don't become restricted by the size of the stack.

Next to consider is the range of exercise options the home gym provides, all conventional starter gyms from £200.00 will have the generic chest press/pec dec combination with a high and a low pulley station and leg developer at the front. These stations alone can effectively exercise your chest, back, shoulders, biceps, triceps, abs and legs already however if you need a more diverse range of exercises then look to around £400.00 and above, from here you can expect gyms to have more imaginative features like adjustable pressing stations, preacher pads and more. Once again think back to what is necessary and if you think you'd make good use out of the extra workout options available.

The downside to multi gyms £300.00 and below is that most are in a fixed seating position which can be a real problem, the fixed position machines are great for your averaged sized user between 5ft 8 to 6ft 1 but below and above that you can find the alignment makes them damn right uncomfortable to train on, this has a two pronged negative effect: first it can make it much harder to exercise properly and put undue stress on muscles your not supposed to be working, secondly it can potentially cause injury and joint problems with them been aligned incorrectly the stress can be overwhelming. Most gyms over this price have seat height adjustments to prevent this, some even have back pad adjustments for better back support too, all of the upholstery should be a boxed stitched high density foam fabric otherwise they can quickly tear away which can also cause discomfort.

The main reason a lot of people invest in multi gyms is because of there safety so when your using it you want to feel safe, you don't want to be weight training on a machine that's rocking and swaying whilst your using it. A lot of our gyms feature heavy gauge steel framework with a thick tubular design that makes them feel stable and durable, always check to see if the frame looks flimsy as a lot of them simply won't stand the test of time. The maximum user weight capacity can also give you a good indication of the durability, the more weight it can take the heavier duty the gym. If you have children at home then we always recommend choosing a machine with a shrouded weight stack which is basically a cover to prevent children from trapping their hands in the stack, having a weight shroud guarantees safe use in a home environment even if it does cost a little bit more.

To keep your machine in good working order check to see if the manufacturer offers a warranty that covers all of the parts particularly the cables, cables have a tendency to snap after several years of use so to ensure your multi gym functions for as long as possible make sure it's covered for a good stretch of time.

If space is a concern for you then we have a great range of compact gyms available that don't compromise on quality or features either, dimensions are available on each individual product listing so you can measure up and make sure it's a perfect fit.

We hope that this guide has been both helpful and informative however if you do need any further help or advice you or more than welcome to call us on 0845 459 4500 or email, you can view our full range below:

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