A story of passion, inspiration and commitment to help you keep fit and Find Your Feel Good

Our story stretches way back to 1930’s America, when an 18-year-old Walter Marcyan (the inspiration for exercise.co.uk) began training with his first barbell set, and shortly after was winning competitive weight lifting tournaments at the Illinois State Championship and Central AAU Championships in 1933 and 1934.

From 1934 to 1940, Walter Marcyan entertained audiences across America as a Vaudeville Strongman, performing incredible feats of strength and balancing acts, and in the early 1940’s, moved to Santa Monica, California, where he began training at the newly established Muscle Beach: a famous strength training facility that still exists today.

In 1946, he opened the first of seven House of Health full amenity gyms in the Los Angeles area offering personal training programmes to members, which effectively became the blueprint for modern day health clubs. During the 1950’s, realising it was not always possible for members to train at the gym every day, Walter started designing fitness equipment for the home, and so began the ‘Marcy Gymnasium Equipment Company’.