Rowing Machine Buying Guide and Benefits
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Rowing Machines

Rowing Machines are the unsung hero of the fitness world, they can burn fat quicker than treadmills, cross trainers and bikes due to the nature of the rowing movement working your upper and lower muscle groups. With each stroke you essentially exercise your back, legs, biceps and core muscle groups, because almost your full body is used you burn fat more efficiently than just working your legs. You'll find that rowing increases your heart rate much quicker and burns almost double the calories (you can easily burn up to 600 calories in an hour!) as you would on a cross trainer or bike. They also have much lower impact on your joints than any other machine due to the horizontal alignment it puts your body in, this makes them popular for rehabilitation and suitable for anybody to use as you don't put any strain on your ankles, knees or wrists. The obvious benefits of rowing on a regular basis are weight loss, increase in general fitness levels and working your heart rate however it's also proven to increase lung capacity, strengthen bones and the rhythmic motion can reduce stress levels and reduce your blood pressure too. In the rest of this guide we shall breakdown the key components of indoor rowers so that you are aware of what you should expect to get for your hard earned cash and how to get the perfect machine to suit your requirements, so let's begin.

There are three types of rowing machines on the market today, these are magnetic rowers which work off a magnetic flywheel that provides a silent, smooth motion with adjustable levels of resistance featured on most, there are air rowers that operate from wind resistance from a fan that the user generates, the harder you pull the more wind resistance is generated, and there are the water rowers that have been designed to simulate real life rowing by generating resistance from a water container at the front of the machine, at we have a great range of magnetic and air machines available.

The first indication of a good quality magnetic rower is the weight of the flywheel that it operates from, the heavier the flywheel the smoother the motion and the quieter the machine will be in operation. Our recommendation is too look for at least a 4kg flywheel to guarantee this good level of quality, the benefit of the magnetic machines is that the design gives a frictionless movement and allows you to adjust the resistance during your workout at will so you can work to specific training levels much easier than the air or water designs. The resistance is adjusted as a magnet that runs parallel with the flywheel gets closer of further away, the closer it is the more resistance is generated, the further away it is the less you get, simple yet effective.

A clear readout of your workouts progression is a vital feature to look for, some consoles have a rolling display that constantly changes the workout feedback, your display should give you a constant readout of time, calories burned, distance, strokes and speed at least. This way you can aim to improve each workout a little bit as progression is essential for improvement and getting the results you want.

Comfort is of great importance to anybody when exercising, you can't be fully focused on your workout if your sat on an uncomfortable seat pad and you can't secure your feet onto the pedals properly so they keep slipping. To counteract this take a good look at the design of the seat pad and how big it is and if it has ergonomic grooves, most rowers over £200.00 have high density foam wide seat pads that guarantee a comfortable feel. It's also worth looking for large, wide foot pedals with good grips and security straps that keep you feet locked into place to help you maintain a good, safe posture.

If space is a concern for you and your worried that the rower will be too long to fit into your home then we have some great folding options available too, they are quick and simple to fold up it's just a case of releasing a locking screw, folding the rail upwards towards the main frame and securing the lock screw back into place compacting the machine to almost half it's length when your not using it so it doesn't take up as much room at home.

A durable and stable machine is what everybody hopes for, exercising on a solid piece of fitness equipment gives you peace of mind that your using a safe product that isn't going to fall apart on you during an intense workout. If you look at the maximum user weight capacity this is a good way to check the stability of a machine, aim for a rower that has at least a 120kg weight limit and check for the thickness of the guide rail and framework as well, the seat pad should be running on glide board rollers so that they don't become prone to wearing out which can jeopardise the quality of the machine.

Finally always check the manufacturers warranty on the off chance something does go wrong you've got peace of mind that it can be fixed quickly, the high street brands that we offer normally have a minimum 2 years guarantee to keep your machine in pristine working condition.

We do hope this guide has been helpful and informative for you however if you do have any furter questions or require assistance regarding purchasing a rowing machine from us then please feel free to contact us on 0845 45 9 4500 or email, you can view our full range of machines here:

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