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Treadmills are probably the most conventional form of cardio training, they offer countless benefits as oppose to road running and are extremely effective. In this guide we will help you to identify the key features and components to look for and also the benefits they have to offer, because running machines are so popular picking the ideal one for you out of the endless range that's available can be quite taxing but knowing what you should expect for your money should help you identify how to get the most machine for your hard earned cash, so let's get started.

We start with the motor as it's the heart of the treadmill, the size of the motor indicates how efficient, quiet and powerful the machine is. The motor size is generally measured in CHP (continuous horse power) and this can really help you identify how reliable and how much usage the treadmill can withstand, we recommend looking for at least a 1.5 CHP Motor or higher, this way you can be assured that you have a reliable running machine that's not going to be prone to burning out with long distance running, for those looking to have 2 or 3 users exercising 3-4 times a week on average then opting for a 2.0 CHP or higher would be strongly advised.

The majority of the treadmills available on Exercise.co.uk come with running speeds that range up to 10mph minimum, they also have a minimum 10% gradient electronic incline system, these are the bare minimum features that you'd expect to have when paying in excess of £500, we don't actually retail under £500.00 as we find the machines to be simply too unreliable. As the price range increases you should expect to reach speeds up to 12mph and electronic inclines to reach up to about 15%, these are the maximum specifications for home use, increased speed and incline come in useful for long distance runners or fitness enthusiasts particularly, broad speed limits allow your training to progress with no restrictions, the incline gives your workouts variation and exercises different lower muscle groups such as your calves and hamstrings.

All console displays give you a basic readout that covers time, speed, distance, calories burnt, elevation and pulse, most of the treadmills we provide also come with workout programmes as standard. These programmes aid in maintaining high motivation levels and help to increase the rate of fat loss, the programmes vary your running to stop it from becoming monotonous, this boosts training motivation and prevents your muscles from reaching a plateau (where progression grinds to a halt). We recommend you take full advantage of these useful training tools to enhance your workouts. You should aim to have a treadmill that has at least 6 programmes available, each one will serve a different purpose such as fat loss, endurance, hill training etc.

You need to have a relatively spacious running area for exercising on, treadmills under £500 have notoriously narrow and short running areas that can hinder your workouts and make it difficult to focus. We would recommend opting for a machine with at least a 18 x 48 inch running deck, this area guarantees ample space allowing you to concentrate on your workouts. The length of the running deck is important when running at quicker speeds as your stride length increases you need to guarantee that you're not sprinting to close to the edge. 

A cushioned running deck is also a necessity, fortunately all of our machines have these featured. With road running been so high impact it puts a lot of pressure on to your knees and can create problems with your joints, for this reason all treadmills have a cushioned deck that reduces the impact to reduce joint pressure and make for a more comfortable jogging experience, as the price increases the quality of the cushioning system does too for better impact reduction. High end level treadmills may also have an orthopaedic (thicker) running belt that offers the same benefits enhanced.

If space is a potential concern for you then all of our home use machines are foldable, most use a hydraulic quick fold design that takes a matter of seconds, simply lift the back of the running deck upwards until you hear it lock and secure into place. When you want to bring it down again either a foot catch or spring loaded pin will release the deck and bring it down slowly with the hydraulic arm for safety and to prevent injuries.

If you want to find out the durability of a treadmill then simply look for it's maximum user weight capacity, this is a true testament of the level of build quality. We have found that a 120kg user limit or more brings up a good standard of manufacturing so try to aim for at least that to ensure a solid, durable feel.

We supply treadmills for the world's leading high street fitness brands all of which are backed with superb warranties, these keep your treadmill in full working condition for years to come. Most of our brands offer a minumum 2 years parts and labour so that in the unlikely circumstance something does go wrong you have peace of mind that it can be fixed quickly and efficiently.

You should now be ready to go out and hand pick the best value for money treadmill out there, we offer a free 48 hour delivery to anywhere in the UK Mainland and for complete peace of mind we offer a free 30 day returns policy, this means if your not completely satisfied with your running machine you can return it back to us (aslong as it's re-packaged in the original box) for any reason at all.

We hope that this guide has been informative and insightful however if you do have any further questions or would like help picking the perfect treadmill for you then please feel free to call us on 0845 459 4500 or email sales@exercise.co.uk, you can view our entire range here:


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