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Weight Benches

Weight Benches are the foundation of strength and weight training particularly for home gym equipment, they are versatile, effective and you can get superb quality without breaking the bank. We have a fantastic range of dumbell, barbell and package deals available with benches targeted for starters all the way to the advanced weight lifter. The weight bench has been the popular choice for training at home over multi gyms due to the adaptability they have over gyms, you can combine them with dumbells and barbells to give you an almost limitless range of exercises covering all of the major muscle groups, free weight training is also a more natural way to weight train, it allows your muscles to follow their natural path of motion whereas multi gyms restrict them to one fixed plane of motion. They are ideal for heavy weight lifting as they stabilise you core and place the full focus onto the specific muscle group and it's stabilisers, they are also great for beginners to make sure that they keep their exercise form right until they become used to the training, for example performing bicep curls on the bench prevents you from swaying your back and keeps the focus completely on the bicep. In this guide we shall go through the components and features to look out for and how to pick the right bench for you.

The first and most cost effective option would be the humble dumbell (utility) bench, as the name indicates this is a bench to be combined with a pair of free weights. We would recommend looking for an adjustable option over a flat fixed position to give you a much greater range of exercise options. Adjustable benches allow you to adjust the angle of the back pad which is brilliant for working different angles of your chest particularly, a lot will go to a 90 degree angle (military angle) so that you can perform shoulder presses too, most will also go into a decline for abdominal crunches as well. You can get a durable dumbell bench for between £100 - £150.00 which you can then put with either a weight set and/or a rack to diversify your workouts.

We also feature a great range of barbell benches, some with a pre-fitted rack others with a stand alone rack and bench combination, having a rack allows you to place either a standard or olympic bar for bench press or shoulder press so that you can really add good amounts of muscle mass onto your chest, shoulders and legs with the bar allowing you to lift heavier weights. These are normally a little more expensive, the starter style barbell bench you can get for £140.00 upwards which are great for beginners but don't allow you to put much more than 70 – 80kg onto the narrow rack, for a good quality heavy duty weight bench with rack we'd recommend spending between £200.00 - £300.00 where you should be able to lift loads over 100kg and more. Once again we recommend looking for a back pad with a great range of adjustable options including a decline, flat, several inclines and military angle so you gain as many exercise options as possible.

Whatever weight bench you're looking for you want to make sure you feel safe and secure when you're using it, you don't want to be sat on a flimsy machine that's not stable trying to focus on getting through you workout as your never going to be focused and it can also be dangerous too. Always evaluate the thickness of the framework, the bench should be made of heavy gauge steel framework with wide tubular stabilisers to ensure maximum stability and durability. You should always be clear on the maximum user weight capacities and weight load limit's to make sure that you don't exceed them, they are also a great way to fathom how durable the machine is too, the more weight it can take the better quality it is. Comfort is an important factor to take into account, you should look for thick and wide upholstery pads that offer good back support and boxed stitched high density foam quality to guarantee a comfortable feel.

If you're pushed for space then we have plenty of compact weight benches available, the dimensions of each individual one is available on each specific product listing so that you can find the perfect candidate to fit.

You will also need some weights to complete your home gym, utility benches are straight forward you can simply put an adjustable dumbell set with them and your good to go, barbell benches require a weight set with either a standard or olympic bar, always check to make sure what size barbells the rack can take, for example a starter bench should be able to take 5ft, 6ft or 7ft bars as the racks are very narrow however olympic benches may only accommodate 6ft or 7ft bars due to the wider racks they have. We have some pre-constructed package deals available that provide everything you need to get your home gym up and running if your concerned about what weight bench to put with what weight set.

We hope that this guide has been helpful and informative however if you do need any further help or advice then please feel free to call us on 0845 459 4500 or email sales@exercise.co.uk, you can view our full range here:


Weight Training Tips

Rep Ranges - if your looking to bulk up and add muscle mass then you should be working between 6 - 10 reps per set, for muscular definition you should be working between 10 - 15 reps.

Variety - your muscles store information during each movement, the more you follow the same movement each week the more your muscles become used to it and stop growing. To prevent this change your workout every 6 - 8 weeks.


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