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About Us

Starting off Small, Thinking Big

The origins of Exercise.co.uk (Pure-Tec) date back as far as 1995 when a young ambitious man took it upon himself to venture into the world of health and fitness, starting small and focusing on only one quality product the business was built upon primarily through QVC and also by re-working returned fitness machines from larger companies to sell on eBay. This process sometimes involved stripping down entire products and re-building them to make them sellable once again and it's from here that a reputation, a wealth of knowledge and years of hands on product experience comes from. 

Breaking the Mould

Over the course of several years and a lot of hard work the business began to flourish and expand with a transition from selling returned models to brand new products taking precedence whilst retaining and using the experience gained from those trials and tribuilations, we expanded from selling on just one online platform to several, however at that time we had a smaller product collection so the focus became on delivering a more personal and superior customer experience than our larger competition could ever hope to offer. We decided to provide quicker and free shipping on everything, and by providing free returns and collections that had no loop holes or hidden catches in, and most importantly we ensured outstanding service and advice by listening to your health and fitness needs and guiding you towards the perfect piece of equipment to fulfil those.

A Reputation to Maintain

We firmly believe that it's this experience and knowledge of the fitness world combined with our experience as an online retailer from the word go that sets us apart and has helped us grow and expand, we understand that delivery should be fast and also flexible, and if it's a heavy item like a gym or a treadmill then 2-men should be delivering it so you don't have to man handle a huge box into your house by yourself! We also learned that returns must be made as easy as possible and we geniunely try to adhere to that, we'll happily let you try your new product out for aslong as a month and if you decide that you don't like it (or that exercise is just too much of a chore) we'll pick it up from your doorstep for free.

We've Come a Long Way

So where are we now, we've grown from a 1 man band with a drive and a passion for keeping fit to a force of 15-20 hard working individuals in a 15,000 sqft warehouse in Kingston upon Hull, our team of trained warehouse workers race around like mad men all day pulling out orders to ensure we keep our delivery promise, and our office team are just hanging on the end of the phone to advise and assist striving to maintain our long lasting reputation. Many of us still maintain our healthy lifestyles and fitness is a regular part of our our day to day lives and our heritage as a 20 year old business and we simply strive to help as many people as possible to live healthy through any form of regular exercise, we hope you are one of those people, thank you for reading.

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