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At Exercise.co.uk, we’re not just one of the UK’s leading suppliers of home gym equipment, but an educator in all things exercise and health, too.

With access to a leading range of brands at affordable prices, we’re helping more and more people get fit and healthy from the comfort of their own homes. We’re dedicated to offering the best home gym equipment in one place, enabling you to build your very own home gym, so you can exercise when it’s convenient for you. No matter your budget, your lifestyle or your fitness goals, we have the perfect gym equipment for you.

Along with our range of home gym products, we share hundreds of free articles in our Learn area. Here, you can discover information and advice about all things health and exercise, with categories including fitness, weight management, nutrition, wellbeing, female health and more.

We also share dozens of workout plans and different exercises that are created by experts, along with equipment guides to help you get the most out of your home gym. Whether you want to learn more about yoga, improve your boxing technique, discover the best strengthening exercises or lose weight, we’re here to educate and inspire. At Exercise.co.uk, we’re a one-stop-shop for building a stronger, fitter and healthier lifestyle.

Exercise is important for everyone, no matter your age, ability or circumstances. We want to motivate you to get active and enjoy moving your body, discovering the exercises that work for you, and finding the products that best fit your lifestyle - and your home!


Our range of high quality and affordable home gym equipment includes multi gyms, weight benches, smith machines and more, with many space-saving options. Choose from a variety of free weights, such as dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells and weight plates, which are perfect for small rooms. Complete your home gym with our selection of gym accessories, including resistance bands and plyometric boxes, ensuring that you feel the full benefit of your home workouts.


We take great pride in our multi gyms, stocking only the very best brands, such as Marcy. A multi-gym is ideal for all abilities, offering a range of different equipment combined into one compact gym. Complete a variety of exercises, such as chest presses, seated rows, legs curls and shoulders presses, improving your fitness levels and performance from the comfort of your own home.


We stock weight benches from market leaders Marcy and SteelBody by Marcy. A weight bench is your ultimate training companion, providing you with a solid framework to perform your lifts safely and reduce the risk of injury. We are also pleased to offer foldable options, perfect for smaller spaces in the home.


A Smith machine is an all-in-one system for those that want to lift at home. Get the maximum benefit from your weight training and focus on specific muscle groups with this highly functional gym equipment. We are proud to stock the leading brand Marcy, renowned for its high-quality construction.


Take your training to the next level with our range of power racks and cages from Marcy and SteelBody by Marcy. Our squat racks and power racks will help you to make significant gains, while our featured-packed cages are great for performing an all-round workout.


Target your arms, abs, chest and back with a pull up tower from Marcy or SteelBody by Marcy, the ultimate piece of home gym equipment for those who want to perfect their pull ups and increase upper body strength. Our specially designed frames are built to prevent sway and obstructions, supporting even the heaviest users.


Our Davina dumbbells are available in three beautiful pastel colours, brightening up your home gym. Meanwhile our Marcy vinyl and rubber dumbbells are carefully designed for slip resistance and comfort, preventing you from developing calluses. No matter your ability or training preferences, we have a set of dumbbells to suit you.


Weight plates are a hard wearing and long lasting piece of home gym equipment. We stock a variety of sizes from 10kg to 50kg, as well as 30kg change plate sets. Easy to grip, move and lift, our weight plates are a great addition to your home gym and are sure to boost your weight training routine.


Swing, thrust and row with our kettlebells, a must-have for every home gym. Extremely portable and affordable, a kettlebell is a great choice for enhancing your workouts and encouraging good form. Our Davina cast iron kettlebells are available in three beautiful pastel colours, each weight designed to suit your particular movements and ability. The leading brand Bionic Body also offers a range of high quality kettlebells, which are covered in leather for maximum durability.


Get more out of your weight lifting at home with a barbell set. Our pieces from Marcy and SteelBody by Marcy are a high quality and reliable addition to your home workouts. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, a barbell will help you lift heavier and work more muscles with extra safety and stability.

Our Bionic Body medicine balls are available in your choice of sizes, so you can select the perfect size for your ability. The perfect piece of equipment for a variety of cardio and strength exercises, our high quality medicine balls are specifically constructed to withstand heavy drops yet soft and comfortable to grip.

Tidy your weights away neatly and safely with our collection of storage racks. Perfect for storing dumbbells, kettlebells and weight plates, our storage racks will keep your space tidy and remove any trip hazards. Designed for sturdiness, durability and to evenly distribute weight, a storage rack is a must-have for every home gym g


Customise your home gym and create a safe, comfortable, slip-resistant floor with floor matting. Our interlocking floor mats are affordable and easy to assemble, and you can purchase as many sets necessary for your desired gym flooring.


Our gym accessories include gym balls, resistance bands and resistance tubes. Get the most out of your workout with a brightly coloured gym ball, perfect for training your core and improving balance. You can also increase resistance with your choice of band or tube, honing your technique, improving your flexibility and strengthening your muscles.


If you’re interested in running, take a look at our range of treadmills, including the two leading brands, Xterra and Sole. Running, jogging and walking are all popular forms of exercise, and when you invest in an at-home treadmill, you needn’t be limited by bad weather or poor visibility. At exercise.co.uk, our treadmills are built with safety, convenience and comfort in mind, and we take great pride in offering only the best treadmills for your home, perfect for all budgets and experience levels.


An exercise bike is perfect for your aerobic workouts at home. Our SOLE Fitness bikes are packed with features, whilst our Marcy and Davina exercise bikes are ideal for lighter use. Improve your stamina, burn calories and strengthen your body with our range of upright, recumbent and indoor exercise bikes, including foldable options. Suitable for all ages and all fitness levels, an exercise bike is the perfect addition to your home gym.


Our upright exercise bikes provide a powerful and consistent workout that’s very similar to riding outside. Designed to engage your core and arms as well as working your legs, you’ll enjoy a low impact, full body workout from the comfort of your own home.


Our range of recumbent bikes have larger seats and a reclined body position, with the pedals positioned in front of the body. They are ideal if you have back or knee problems. Recumbent bikes are designed to alleviate pressure, offering strength, durability and support for larger users.


An indoor club bike will push you to your limits, helping you to burn calories, strengthen your heart and lungs, and achieve your fitness goals. Built to withstand frequent use yet light and compact, an indoor bike is a great choice for your home gym. Features include intuitive consoles, adjustable seats and handlebars and infinite resistance levels.


For a full body workout, discover our collection of at-home cross trainers, including SOLE Fitness and Marcy. Work your arms and legs with this versatile piece of home gym equipment, offering an intense and reliable workout every single time. Some features include comfortable foot pedals, Bluetooth speakers and a cooling fan.


Discover our rowing machines from leading brand Marcy, which will help to build your strength, stamina and range of movement. This piece of equipment is designed to offer high intensity yet low impact workouts, which are ideal for protecting from injury and aiding active recovery, as well as burning the calories and improving your cardiovascular health.


We’re also delighted to offer a leading range of boxing equipment by Everlast. Whether your goal is to tone up, boost your stamina or improve your coordination and balance, boxing training is the ultimate choice. Our collection includes boxing gloves, hand wraps, focus pads, punch bags and more, all designed to enhance your performance and safety.


The most important piece of your at-home boxing equipment, your boxing gloves will protect your hands when you repeatedly beat a heavy punch bag or focus pads. Our range of high quality gloves from Everlast are lightweight, comfortable, durable and offer a good fit for your hands.


We stock a great range of punch bags and additional punch bag equipment, including platforms, stands and hangers. Our heavy bags help you to build powerful punches, while our speed bags are great for developing speed and reflexes. Every Everlast bag is crafted to stand the test of time, specifically designed for shock absorbency.


Focus pads are ideal for pairs training, helping you both to improve your accuracy, timing and speed. A great piece of equipment for an even better cardiovascular workout, our Everlast hook and jab pads will help you refine your combinations and keep your training fun.


Never underestimate the importance of hand wraps. Protect your fingers, knuckles and wrists from injury when you repeatedly throw punches. By using hand wraps, you will also extend the lifespan of your boxing gloves - it’s a win win.


Our selection of boxing training accessories includes everything you need for a complete boxing workout. If you’re ready to take your boxing seriously, consider investing in a punch bag stand or speed bag platform for your home gym, or even a full set of boxing equipment featuring gloves, a skipping rope and more.


Our collection of fitness accessories features some serious home gym must-haves: yoga mats, gym balls, toning weights and more. So no matter your ability, schedule, budget or the size of your home, you can discover the right piece of equipment to help you reach your fitness goals.


We stock a great selection of yoga mats. Having your own yoga mat is very important, especially if you are practicing a hot and sweaty form of yoga. Our yoga mats are designed with your safety and convenience in mind, with features including slip resistant bubble bump technology and bright, fashionable designs so you can feel stylish during your practice.


If you want to train your core and tone up, a gym ball is the perfect choice. Our Davina gym balls are available in three beautiful pastel colours to brighten up your home gym. Every gym ball is made from high-density rubber for optimum durability and support, and comes complete with an exercise guide so you can get the most out of your workout.


Stretch and strengthen your muscles with a resistance band or tube, the perfect way to add both resistance and assistance to your workouts. Improve your weightlifting and pull up technique with our range, including Davina and Bionic Body resistance bands. We also stock straight bar and handle attachments.


Tone up and target problem areas with our collection of toning weights. An affordable and convenient way to train your muscles, toning weights are specifically designed for a comfortable grip, so you can use them every single day. These weights are available in a selection of colours to brighten up your home gym and make your workout more fun.


Our Bionic Body medicine balls are available in your choice of sizes, so you can select the perfect size for your ability. The perfect piece of equipment for a variety of cardio and strength exercises, our high quality medicine balls are specifically constructed to withstand heavy drops yet soft and comfortable to grip.


A weighted vest is a great way to scale up your workout, increasing the weight of your body in order to develop your strength and stamina. Push your muscles to support your heavier frame, increase bone strength and blast the fat with a high quality weighted vest, a must-have for any home gym owner who wants to take things to the next level.


The benefits of regular yoga practice are endless, including lowering your risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity and more. Having the right yoga equipment will be hugely beneficial to your yoga journey, allowing you to practice from the comfort of your own home as well as taking your own gear to group sessions.


We want you to be able to select the right yoga set for your budget and ability. Included in our sets are mats, blocks and straps to help you achieve a more successful and supported practice. Features include slip resistant technology, supportive designs and thick, soft materials, and bright designs for a more stylish practice.


Your yoga mat carves out your personal space, which is important both in classes and at home. Creating this dedicated space will calm you and ground you, helping you to switch off and have a more peaceful yoga practice. Features of our yoga mats include slip resistant bubble bump technology, full flexibility for rolling and unrolling and lengths to suit people up to 6ft tall.


Yoga mat bags are very useful if you are attending group sessions or want to store your yoga mat neatly at home. Our bags from the leading brand Gaiam are available in a variety of colours and designs. Your yoga bag will keep your mat clean and safe, as well as providing a handy place to store any valuables during class.


Having the right yoga equipment is hugely beneficial to your practice. Blocks and accessories are a great option for yogis of all abilities, including beginners and those who are recovering from an injury. Discover our range of yoga blocks, yoga straps and water bottles, helping you to get further into your stretches and stay hydrated throughout your session.