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Boxing Gloves

Boxing Gloves

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About our Boxing Gloves

There’s more to boxing than throwing a punch. Whether you want to build your strength, drop fat, improve coordination, relieve stress or boost your mood, boxing ticks all of the boxes. This form of exercise isn’t just beneficial to your physical and mental health, but it’s great fun, too. Anyone can give it a go, no matter your age or ability. All you need is a few basic pieces of home gym equipment to make a start.

The most important piece of equipment for your home boxing sessions is a pair of boxing gloves. High quality boxing gloves will protect your hands when you repeatedly punch a bag or pads. They should be lightweight, comfortable and durable, fitting your hands perfectly for maximum protection and power.

At, we stock a great range of boxing gloves from Everlast, available in a variety of sizes and colours. The pair you select should be informed by the type of boxing training you want to do. For general punch bag work, a pair of bags or training gloves are a good choice. If you want to focus on your speed bag, choose a lighter style. And if you’ll be jumping inside the ring, look for a pair of sparring gloves.


Our Everlast boxing gloves offer a number of features including: durable synthetic leather; ventilated fabric; sturdy and comfortable construction; a variety of weights and padding volumes; wide straps for excellent wrist protection; easy to put on and off; and better shock absorbency.


A set of boxing gloves from is a fantastic addition to your home gym, protecting your hands and getting the most out of your boxing training. We stock market leader Everlast, with prices starting from just £24.99.


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