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About our Marcy

The foundations of the Marcy brand are built upon wisdom, trust, robustness and innovation. With a core focus on strength and developing the body, Marcy has specialised in weight training equipment which began in 1934 when a 19-year-old man called Walter Marcyan started training with barbells.

By 1946 Walter Marcyan had opened seven strength training gyms around Los Angeles and became the first person to be a personal trainer. In 1959 Marcyan pushed strength training even further and created an All In One gym, which would become known as the first compact multi-station which could easily fit into an average size room.

1960 is where the Marcy brand began to develop, influencing athletes showing that they are capable of improving their performance in a sustainable manner, which laid the foundations to introduce future fitness programs in schools across America.

1972 came, and Marcyan shipped of his circuit trainers to Kowloon, Hong Kong which caught the eye of the legendary martial artist trainer Brue Lee. It was this circuit trainer in which Brue Lee build his iconic physique for the film Enter The Dragon. Quoted from Brue Lee himself "The circuit trainer caught his eye because of its ability to allow him to express his total fitness".

Coming to the modern-day and the patients which Marcyan made are still influencing the fitness industry. Proud of its history, Macy has been able to mature and develop a range of exercise equipment for example; Multi Gyms, Smith Machines, Power Towers, Weight Plates, Dumbells, Benches, Rowing Machines and Exercise Bikes to name.