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Cross Trainers

Cross Trainers

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  1. Marcy Azure EL1016 Elliptical Cross Trainer
    Marcy Azure EL1016 Elliptical Cross Trainer
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  2. Marcy Antero 1201 Elliptical Cross Trainer
    Marcy Antero 1201 Elliptical Cross Trainer
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    Was £299.99 Now £219.99
  3. sole fitness e25 cross trainer
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    SOLE Fitness E25 Elliptical Cross Trainer Wireless Heart Rate - More Stock October
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9 Items

About our Cross Trainers

If you cannot bear the thought of running on a treadmill a cross trainer is a brilliant alternative, especially if your knees are unforgiving. Exercise bikes are another fantastic option, but if you prefer standing and want to train your arms then a cross trainer for home is perfect. We’re delighted to try and help you pin down your perfect training companion. If you happen to hear the word ‘elliptical’ thrown around this is another name for them, not a specific type.

There’s a popular misconception that you can only tone up or lose weight on cross trainers, you can’t use them for high intensity training, and this is simply not true. Admittedly running is a naturally more intense form of exercise, but this intensity can be mimicked. Whether your goal is to bring the waist down a few notches, you feel a little unfit and out of breath, or want to really push the limits of your body these are all achievable. Your goals dictate your decisions completely, a cross trainer can be as super simple or overly in-depth and complex as you choose, brands like Sole Fitness are rammed with amazing features, and if you prefer a simpler approach then Marcy keep things stripped back and straight forward.

The vast majority of cross trainers are classed as magnetic type, it’s a genius and reliable way to adjust the resistance. An essential consideration is size, which can present an issue online but never fear we’ve got you covered! You need to look for the stride length here, a short stride length would be 14 inches and brilliant for smaller users, from there you’d have 16, 18 and 20 inch options and as they increase become more accommodating for taller users, and still smaller users.

When scouring the endless variety of cross trainers out there you may notice two different looking types, these are classed as front and rear drive. All this relates too is where the flywheel is positioned, one isn’t necessarily better to the other, it’s more about the feeling when you work out. Rear positioned models are generally more compact, so if space is rather tight these will be your best bet. It can be really hard to get a feel for the quality of fitness machines online too, well we’ve got you covered again!

With a cross trainer, you want to be looking at the flywheel (measured in KG). Ignore anything that says inertia, just the flywheel weight alone is an amazing indicator of quality, ideally it should at least be 5kg. We hope this little snippet has been helpful enough to determine whether a cross trainer is right for you and how to go out and choose the right one for you. If you feel you need more guidance we have plenty of in-depth buying guides, or we’d be thrilled to hear from you. Chat with us on-site, at or on 0345 1666 200.

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