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Exercise Bikes

Exercise Bikes

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  1. Marcy Onyx B80 Upright Exercise Bike
    Marcy Onyx B80 Upright Exercise Bike
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15 Items

About our Exercise Bikes

What an incredible piece of equipment, exercise bikes truly are the machine that can adapt to everybody. We’d love to help you narrow down the precise one for your goals, whether that’s just improving general health, losing weight, toning or endurance training; there’s a match out there for you.

We have an in-depth buying guide if you want to really nerd up on every aspect of exercise bikes, or we’ll skim over the highlights here for you. The crucial element to think of first is you; this is all about you, or you and your family potentially. Have a quick mull over what you want out of this machine. It could be simplicity or complexity, high intensity or moderate use etc… Brands like Sole Fitness exercise bikes are feature-packed for endless variety and super-intense use, Marcy exercise bikes, on the other hand, are for lighter use and have a more straight forward approach to them.

Once you’ve nailed that, you’ll need to select either a recumbent, upright, dual or indoor training type. But what are the differences? In a nutshell, recumbent exercise bikes are easy on the knees, support the back and suit low intensity well. Uprights are super versatile; if in doubt, go for these as they cater for all goals. Dual exercise bikes (or assault bikes) are intense and gruelling; for full-body annihilation pick these. Lastly, indoor trainers are the road cycle emulators for a racing-style gym class feel they’re your go-to.

Some exercise bikes are loaded with workout programs and incredible console features. Others are simple and user-friendly. Both have their merits. This comes back to how specific your goals are and where you want to be in your training. For toning, weight loss and general health, simple is more than sufficient, but additional features can be extremely useful at keeping you more motivated and your workouts varied and challenging.

There’s no doubt you’re making an intelligent move with exercise bikes. Their dependable nature is tried and tested and will certainly bring you closer to your goals. Our mission is to help you lead an active lifestyle in a way that’s convenient and sustainable for you. If you feel you need more guidance, we’d be thrilled to hear from you. Chat with us on-site, at or on 0345 1666 200.


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