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Toning Weights

Toning Weights

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About our Toning Weights

Toning weights are an affordable and convenient piece of equipment for your home gym. Working with these types of dumbbells, barbells or weighted gloves, which will help you to build muscle and lose fat as well as increasing bone density. This means that frequent use of toning weights can reduce your risk of osteoporosis and back problems.

You don’t need to be lifting super heavy to notice the benefits of weight training. As well as toning up your body and achieving a slimmer, more defined look, you can also boost your brain power, reduce stress and sleep better. It’s amazing what you can achieve when you workout regularly!

Our toning weights are specifically designed for a comfortable grip, so you can use them every single day. They are available in a selection of colours to brighten up your home gym and make your workout more fun.


Our range of toning weights from Davina and market leading Marcy offers a many features and benefits, which include: durable design; slip resistant technology; comfortable grips and fits; clever design to prevent rolling away; and a variety of colours to coordinate with your home gym.


Tone up, build muscle and burn fat with toning weights from Our brands include the market leader Marcy as well as Davina for a more affordable option.


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