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About our Kettlebells

A kettlebell is an all-in-one tool for working out your full body. Not only will it improve your strength, but regular use will see improvements in your stability, coordination, stamina and mobility. 

Kettlebells enable you to do a quick, intense workout anywhere, any time. They let your body move in a natural way, following its natural range of motion for maximum comfort and flexibility. 

They are very compact and portable, which makes them perfect for the home gym. If you decide to venture further afield for your workout, it’s super easy to bring your kettlebell along!

Some common kettlebell exercises include the kettlebell swing, single arm rows, goblet squats and reverse lunges. Whether you want to target your legs, glutes, abs, chest or arms, there’s a kettlebell exercise that’ll work for you.

Our kettlebells are crafted with safety, durability and comfort in mind. Choose from a range of weights and sizes, with brightly coloured options thrown in for good measure. No matter your goals or your experience level, there’s a perfect kettlebell for you and your exercise routine at



A kettlebell enables you to do a full body workout. Most kettlebell exercises use many muscles at the same time, giving your metabolic rate a serious boost and helping to burn calories.

Kettlebell exercises generally use a swing or thrust motion which capitalises on momentum. This can make it much easier to manipulate a heavy weight. Of course, this momentum also means posture and control are of great importance, and you must practice proper form in order to avoid injury. 

Kettlebells are usually available with vinyl, rubber or neoprene coating. Inside, they are made from cast iron or steel. You could also opt for a more unique ‘soft’ kettlebell, which is perfect for beginners. The soft, flexible fabric covering will help to avoid damage and injuries if dropped.

The design of a kettlebell makes it a truly unique piece of home gym equipment. It is a round bell shape, with a handle at the top. This means the centre of gravity is around 6 inches outside of the user’s grip. The handle is also thicker than other free weights, which will develop your forearm and grip strength more.



At, our kettlebell prices start from just £22.00. Our heaviest kettlebells are around the £50.00 price point. This means a kettlebell is the perfect choice for your home gym - versatile, reliable, and extremely affordable. 



Kettlebells are available in a number of sizes, with weights from 4.5kg to 13.6kg. Just one single kettlebell will be sufficient for all of your workouts, however, if you plan to mix up your exercises with different resistances, opt for several kettlebells so you can use the perfect weight for each movement. Because kettlebells are small and compact, you needn’t worry about them taking up too much room in your home gym.



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