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Medicine Balls

Medicine Balls

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About our Medicine Balls

We’re really energised to try and help you with your training, we can guide you to see if medicine balls compliment your goals and how to choose the perfect one for you. First off, we believe medicine balls are one of the smartest training choices you can make, why? They’re an awesome tool for strengthening your whole core.

Having a weak core (abs and lower back) is equivalent to having a house with weak foundations, if you take steps to strengthen this area it can be the best preventative measure you take to swerve any annoying injuries.

Medicine balls can be used to twist, throw, press, balance on and incorporate into existing ab exercises to throw a fresh twist into your training. If you’re only starting out, we’d recommend using only your bodyweight to train your abs for now, then swing back here once you’ve built your foundations a little and build on it with one of these.

You can get really imaginative with medicine balls and start incorporating them into all sorts of exercises, take press ups for example, use one hand on the ball to create an uneven surface. Or mountain climbers, rest both hands on the ball and then try, your abs won’t know what’s hit them!

Because of the quite athletic nature of the exercises, we do recommend starting with a light weight and building your way up. We’re determined to help you lead an active lifestyle in a way that’s convenient and sustainable for you. If you feel you need more guidance we have plenty of in-depth buying guides, or we’d be thrilled to hear from you. Chat with us on-site, at or on 0345 1666 200.