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Weight Plates

Weight Plates

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About our Weight Plates

Weight plates are a fantastic addition to your home gym, enabling you to do a number of exercises and target many muscle groups. They are a great alternative to kettlebells and dumbbells. Whether you want to increase your strength, build muscle, improve flexibility or work on your balance, a weight plate or a selection of weight plates from is a must-have for your gym at home.

You can use weight plates in conjunction with barbells for a variety of exercises such as a deadlift, bench press, squats and lunges. Or you can use your weight plates on their own for a range of exercises, including a plank with a plate switch, a lateral raise, or an overhead press. This will help to improve your grip as well as strengthening the smaller muscles in your hands, not just your arms. 

The options really are endless when it comes to weight plates, making them some of the most versatile pieces of equipment for your home gym. 



Cast iron weight plates are the most common. They are generally very affordable. Weights with a rubber coating help to prevent damage to the floor, as well as preventing the weight itself from chipping. Bumper plates are designed for Olympic power lifting and training that requires the weights to be dropped on the floor, so the edge of the plate is rubber coated to prevent damage. There is also the option of vinyl weights, which are lighter and more affordable for the beginner. 

There are two key types of weight plates: Standard and Olympic. Standard weight plates have a hole that measures 1” in diameter, and are available in sizes from 0.5kg to 25kg. Meanwhile, Olympic weight plates have a 2” hole and range from 1.25kg through to 50kg. The weight plates you select will depend on your experience level and goals. Generally, standard weight plates suit the beginner to intermediate lifter, with Olympic weight plates appealing to the more advanced lifter. The latter are more expensive usually.

So how heavy should your weight plates be? It’s worth considering your long term goals to help you to decide which product is the most cost effective. If you plan to lift for a long time and really improve your strength, a set of weight plates could be a great investment. But you could also opt to start with one set of weight plates and increase your collection gradually as you progress.

At, we’re proud to offer a brand new range of eco-friendly Olympic weight plates, made from recycled materials and 100% recyclable. These high quality, environmentally conscious weight plates by market leading Marcy are Made in Britain and available exclusively from our Group.



We stock a wide range of weight plates that are ideal for the home gym. Our prices start from only £49.00, with eco-friendly weight plates starting from just £59.00. No matter your experience level, your goal or your budget, you can feel the benefit of weight plates when you shop at



Our weight plates are available in the following sizes: 1.25kg, 2.5kg, 5kg, 10kg, 15kg and 20kg, including a mix of individual and bundled products. 

Weight plates are a really easy and compact piece of equipment for your home gym. Whether you opt for a single plate or a set, you can rest assured they’re easy to store. 



Exercises You Can Do With Weight Plates

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