When you have a busy life like so many of us do, making sure that we eat right is a hard thing to do. We’re spoiled for choice when we’re out and about after all. If you’re trying to do what’s best for your health, it can actually be a great idea to prepare in advance. That’s where you need to be looking at healthy snacks on the go.

We've already looked at ten awesome healthy snacks that you can have any time, but when you’re out and about and constantly on the move, things need to be even easier. You might need something you can eat quickly, with no prep, and maybe even with one hand. It’s all dependent.

To help keep on you on the right lines, though, we’ve made a list of exactly that; healthy snacks you can eat on the go. Let's take a look.

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Bag of nuts

Nuts are often the first port of call for eating healthy in general. They’re just incredible for their nutritional value, so then it comes to snacking on the go, they have a place here too.

There are tonnes of different types of nut out there, and you can buy them in a lot of different forms too. Whether it's in nutty cereal bars (with low sugar), bags of nuts, or anything in between, as long as you watch your sugar, salt and saturated fat content, you’re good to go.


Woman at a desk eating seeds

Seeds are in the same kind of ball game here too. Like nuts, these are also ingredients in a lot of different food too. They're even things like bread and other great snacks to get, especially in a busy workday or even in your car.

In their purest form they're still great too though, so don't be afraid to buy a bag of seeds and eat them as they are. They're packed full of goodness and are a great snack to have.


Person and child eating bananas

What more really needs to be said about fruit. We all know that we're told to eat more of it in our daily diets, and that’s because of how healthy it is. Even better than that, there's so much of it too. There's something for everyone, from smoothies, to grapes, right the way up to watermelon!

Make sure that you’re watching out for your sugar content (even though fruit is still a great food to eat despite natural sugar), but as far as snacking on the go is concerned, it’s hard to get much more convenient than fruit.


Bag of popcorn

No, not the kind you're expecting. Popcorn comes in more forms than the stuff full of sugar that we get in bags and at the cinema. The kind we're mentioning here is the healthy kind you can find in the snack aisle at most supermarkets.

It's usually baked to popping, and without the added sugar or salt we expect, popcorn is actually seriously healthy stuff. It's filling, and still low in calories. That makes it a great one to replace crisps with.

Protein Balls

Woman eating a protein ball

Now, taking things back into the realm of superfoods, we have protein balls on the list too. Whether you have made your own no baking required protein balls or you buy some from a healthy food shop, it doesn't matter.

As long as you watch what's going into them, you should be onto a real healthy winner. Keep the sugars to a low, get the right amount of fibre and carbs, and you're onto a real tried and tested winner of fitness food. They are popular for a reason!

Snacking is a tough thing to do healthily, but these are definitely some of the best ideas to keep you on track. Fit them in where you can to replace other snacks and try to make healthier choices in your day. It doesn't have to be as inconvenient as you think! Good luck!

man doing lunges

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