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Power Towers

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About our Power Towers

A pull up tower, or a power tower as they’re also known, is an excellent piece of equipment for aiding and improving your calisthenics training. Calisthenics exercises are focused entirely on your own bodyweight. A power tower provides additional resistance, support and leverage to these exercises, making your workout better and more effective.

A pull up station isn’t just great for pull ups, but can be used for a number of different exercises, including lower body workouts. We think power towers are a useful piece of equipment for every home gym, for beginners through to the most seasoned athletes. That’s because you can use your pull up tower in a way that suits you, working towards your own goals from the comfort of your own home.

At, our pull up towers are built with safety, convenience and durability in mind. 



A pull up tower provides support, stability and consistency for your calisthenics workout.

A power tower workout is incredibly versatile. It features a variety of bars at different heights and angles, allowing you to complete a number of bodyweight exercises. Some exercises you can try include pull ups, push ups, tricep dips and hanging leg raises. Sometimes, it may be worthwhile using an additional piece of equipment, like a pull up band for assistance, or a weight place for an extra challenge. 

With adjustable height levels for the bars, this equipment can be adjusted to accommodate all heights and experience levels. The sturdy and durable construction will give you complete confidence and peace of mind when performing your most intense bodyweight exercises, whilst a comfortable, non-slip grip is always guaranteed. You may also benefit from features such as cushioned armrests and back rests.



At, we have a pull up tower for every price point, with items from market leader Marcy and SteelBody by Marcy. Prices start from just £219.00.

No matter your budget, your goal or your workout preferences, a power tower from is the perfect choice for your home gym.



Always consider the weight capacity and dimensions of a power tower when selecting it for your home gym. Some models are much larger and only suitable for big spaces, whereas some designs are more compact and can work in the smaller home gym.



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