Exercise bikes are incredible machines for a good workout. They use the staple of cardiovascular exercise that is cycling but with the convenience and personalisation that can only really come from specialised equipment. It's an awesome combination if you use it to its full potential. With the right exercise bike workout plan (like this one), you're onto a winner!

Exercise Bike Benefits

Before we get going, it's always a good idea to look at the specific benefits that your equipment has to offer you from a technical perspective. Exercise bikes have a huge range of benefits ranging from the obvious to the obscure. Once you know all of them, it puts them in a league of their own and makes them even more deserving of a long-term workout plan like this to use them to their fullest potential.

It's worth noting before we do, however, that there are different types of exercise bike out there. This workout plan is tailored more towards the classic use of an upright exercise bike on an indoor club bike rather than a recumbent, but see what works best for you.

Upper leg muscle Building

First of all, exercise bikes are an awesome workout for your legs above all else. It might seem a little obvious, but if you use them right, they’re great for toning up your legs! (We have more information about that here, so check it out when you’re done!)

High-Calorie Burn

Exercise bikes are of course a great workout in general too, and that means they're awesome for moving some calories. No matter how you prefer to work out, if you do it correctly, you're going to burn calories. That's a great way to make a calorie deficit and boost your metabolism, which helps to lose weight and keep healthy!

Low Impact

Exercise bikes don't create a high impact either. Different exercise bikes are shaped differently for different needs, but none of them requires using any force in your exercise. That means they're an incredibly gentle exercise and they won't cause you much discomfort on your joints like a lot of other exercises can do. On top of that, you're sitting down which takes the weight off your knees too.

Variable Resistance

Finally, we'll look at a more technical aspect that the exercise bike has to offer you, and that's the variable resistance. The variable resistance means that you can make your workouts as hard or as easy as you need them to be. For this particular exercise bike workout plan, that's vital, but it is across the board too. No matter what your fitness level is, you'll be able to adjust and find the intensity in your training that works best for you.

The training

This exercise bike workout plan uses three different styles of training together every week in order to maximise the results you're looking to achieve. Each workout style has its own benefits and using all three of them means you're getting the best of all of them. On top of that, it stops things from getting too monotonous.


The first training style we'll talk about here is LISS. Low intensity steady state cardio is one of the most famous exercise styles out there. Although many aren't sure of what its name is, LISS is essentially just going as a steady pace for an extended period of time. Kind of like power walking or light jogging instead of running. This means you can exercise for a longer period, and that helps people to burn more calories in the long-term. (Even on top of that, LISS burns the most fat per calorie burned, that’s awesome for toning up and getting lean)


Another staple of the exercise bike workout plan is to use HIIT training, or high intensity interval training. It's a great way to burn the most calories in the least time, boost your stamina, and build a little muscle. It really is an all-rounder and one of the most popular training styles available at the minute.

Distance / Time

The final thing we’ll look at before we move onto what the workout plan actually consists of is a more performance-based workout style, and that’s looking at distance and time. This is one of the most used ways to train on cardio equipment, and the exercise bike is no exception to this. It’s essentially cycling a certain distance, possibly in a certain time, and using that as the sole goal in the workout. That’s both transferable and often a great way to keep you motivated in your training.

This plan that we've put together spans over four weeks using three workouts a week. You can do them around your schedule already, so the days aren’t set in stone but do try and leave a gap between them for adequate rest and the best results in the long term.

People doing an exercise bike workout plan

Week / Day



Week 1

Monday LISS 30 Minutes
Wednesday HIIT 15 Minutes
Friday Distance 1500 Meters

Week 2

Tuesday HIIT 20 Minutes
Thursday Distance 2000 Meters
Saturday LISS 35 Minutes

Week 3

Monday Distance 2500 Meters
Wednesday LISS 40 Minutes
Friday HIIT 20 Minutes

Week 4

Tuesday HIIT 25 Minutes
Thursday LISS 45 Minutes
Saturday Distance 3000 Meters


For more info about exercising safely, check out this NHS guide!


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