A multi-gym is a great addition to a home gym. It enables you to complete a series of exercises targeting different parts of the body i.e. arms and legs. Although multi gyms provide weight-based exercises, this home gym equipment can also assist with other exercises.

It’s important to record your progress during your 6-week multi gym workout plan. Your record sheet should include the following:

  • Exercise type – include the number of reps and sets
  • Time to complete each set
  • Time to complete the full workout
  • Weights you’re lifting
  • Rest time

Depending on your fitness goal, you could also include your body weight.

Multi-gyms will support you in targeting a variety of muscles in your upper and lower body. Each multi-gym varies with the type of exercise that can be performed, but typically, it includes the following:

  • Seated Row
  • Lat-Pulldown
  • Leg Curls
  • Leg Extension
  • Chest Press
  • Shoulder Press
  • Outer Adductors/ Inner abductor
  • Triceps Pulldowns
  • Bicep Curls

Before you begin your multi-gym workout, it’s important to warm-up. This should involve dynamic stretching and a 10-minute cardio workout. Warming up before a workout helps prepare your body for a workout and prevent injuries from occurring. It will increase the blood flow to your muscles, whilst stretching them before your workout. This is crucial for your target muscles that you’ll be predominately using. In addition, warm-up exercises will also loosen your joints.

You should aim to complete 3-4 workouts per week on the multi-gym, and if you have time, a 30-45-minute cardio day.

If your goal is tone, you should be completing 3-4 sets of exercises with 12-15 repetitions. For strength training, aim to complete 3 sets of exercises with 6-10 repetitions.

For beginners, use weights that you feel comfortable lifting to avoid injury. If you’re unsure what weights to use, sample 1-2 sets with 8-12 repetitions beforehand. If you can easily lift two sets of 12 reps, go heavier, if you’re struggling, go lower, and if the second set becomes slightly challenging, stick to those ones.

Again, if you’re new to exercising, speak to a personal trainer who will be able to show you how to correctly perform exercises on the multi-gym. This is particularly important for weight-based routines to help prevent injury.

We’ve put together a 6-week multi-gym workout plan to help you out, giving you an overview of the type of exercises you can perform on this home gym equipment as you are working towards your goal.

Beginners: 6-Week Multi-Gym Workout Plan

Week 1-3

In your first three weeks, complete three workouts. This is to get you into a routine, avoid injuries and overdoing it. It’s important to rest in between workouts to help with recovery.

Day 1 (Chest / Triceps / Abs):


Day 2 (Back / Biceps / Abs):


Day 3 (Legs / Shoulders / Abs):


Week 4-6

Now that you’ve spent your first three weeks getting in an exercise routine and working your target muscle groups, it’s time to increase the number of workout days to four per week. Don’t forget to rest in between.

Day 1 (Chest / Abs):


Day 2 (Back / Biceps / Abs):


Day 3 (Legs):

Day 4 (Shoulders / Triceps):

The above 6-week workout plan is an example of some of the common exercises that can be performed on multi-gyms. Before beginning this workout, we recommend practising the suggested exercises to get a feel for them and to determine which weights you should begin with.

If you have a spare 30 minutes outside of the training days, we recommend a half an hour cardio workout.

Once the 6-week plan is complete, continue exercising on the multi-gym four days per week, with the goal of increasing the weights.

Whatever your fitness level, multi-gyms are a highly effective piece of home gym equipment. It provides you with a full body workout, whilst acting as a prop for other exercises such as triceps dips.


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Before beginning any exercise or nutrition program, consult your physician, doctor or other professional. This is especially important for individuals over the age of 35 or persons with pre-existing health problems. Exercise.co.uk assumes no responsibility for personal injury or property damage sustained using our advice.

If you experience dizziness, nausea, chest pain, or any other abnormal symptoms, stop the workout at once and consult a physician or doctor immediately.