High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a type of exercise that is centred around doing an exercise at increasing speed or intensity over a short time. Usually, HIIT cardio. That's it in a nutshell. It's hard, fast and generally an awesome workout, proven to be one of the most efficient calorie burners out there. The idea is to test how far you can mentally and physically push yourself.

Generally, HIIT exercises are made up of a series of around 8 rounds. Typically, they are split with something like 60 seconds of work time and 60 seconds of rest, alternating throughout. There is room for variation depending on your goals and your fitness level, but that's the basis.

On top of that, HIIT workouts are traditionally shorter than cardio workouts, but the results are the same (if not better) than a longer, less intense workout. If anything, HIIT workouts will massively improve your fitness and endurance ability. The workouts will increase your metabolic rate, which will result in burning more calories in every sense.

HIIT on a Cardio Machine

person on a cardio machine

So, going to back to the topic at hand, HIIT on a cardio machine. It's more than doable, with the treadmill being the most popular choice. Interval training on a treadmill tends to be running at a high speed for 1 minute, then either running at a low speed/walking or jumping off for 30-45 seconds. This type of exercise can be transferred to most cardio machines such as elliptical cross trainers, rowing machines and exercise bikes. It all follows the same pattern.

Essentially, all of the cardio machines that you have at your disposal will do the job you need. They're all hardcore and they're all going to give you more than enough for one workout. Some are better than others of course, but here's a general breakdown.

Rowing machines, assault bikes and cross trainers for examples all follow the design of a full-body exercise. You're moving your arms and your legs together to use multiple muscles and maximise calorie burn. Add that with a HIIT style workout, and you're hitting everywhere. Hard.

Even moving past what you're actually doing with HIIT cardio, the machines you're doing it on can still give you an edge. They all have varying resistance levels too. That means that you can make things harder than you ever could before. You can even adjust it so that's it's more of a strength activity with a lower speed. It's completely down to you and what you want to do.

There are different options for you to perform interval training on any cardio machine, but below are two workouts to get you started.

Before you begin the HIIT exercises, make sure you complete a 5-minute warm-up and a 5-minute cool down after, both on a low resistance setting.

HIIT Workout

Workout Recovery
60 seconds 60 seconds
60 seconds 60 seconds
60 seconds 60 seconds
60 seconds 60 seconds
60 seconds 60 seconds
60 seconds 60 seconds
60 seconds 60 seconds
60 seconds 60 seconds
60 seconds 60 seconds
60 seconds 60 seconds

(This workout should last around 20 minutes.)

The beauty of HIIT workouts is that you can change the amount of time spent on the HIIT exercise and recovery too. You could do 30 seconds high intense on the cross trainer with a 2-minute recovery phase, for example, which would reduce halfway through the workout to 90 seconds. This depends on your fitness ability and, once you’re at a comfortable stage completing these workouts, you can increase your resistance and speed.


HIIT Workout: Cardio Machine and Circuit Exercises

person planking

If you wanted to mix up your HIIT workouts, you could combine your cardio machine with a range of HIIT circuit exercises too. These can include:

Exercise Recovery
500m cardio machine (as fast as you can) 10 seconds
20 seconds jumping squats 10 seconds
20 seconds burpees 10 seconds
20 seconds push-ups 10 seconds
20 seconds mountain climbers 30 seconds
Repeat each set 6 times. The HIIT workout should last around 15 minutes in total.

As mentioned, these high-intensity short workouts are an effective way to burn fat and speed up your metabolism. HIIT exercises are also great to do at home when you’re short on time to complete a full 45-60 minute session. There are no excuses!


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